Part I – The Pope on Trial – Chapter Headings

CHAPTER 1 Individual contracts oust collective bargaining

CHAPTER 2 Rebecca tunes her bass viola da gamba to Christophe’s ear

CHAPTER 3 The Palace of Justice

CHAPTER 4 Experiencing the wrath of a judgmental God

CHAPTER 5 Anti-competitive behaviour and abuse of dominant position

CHAPTER 6 Church Disclosure and Privacy Statement

CHAPTER 7 The virtual reality of heaven and of hell

CHAPTER 8 Eve tempts James in the cathedral

CHAPTER 9 The oversight of heaven

CHAPTER 10 Planning the defence of hell

CHAPTER 11 Workplace relations and whistle-blowers

CHAPTER 12 Perplexing moments for Profound Purple

CHAPTER 13 Workplace bullying in the Garden of Eden  

CHAPTER 14 A Galileo confession for Profound Purple

CHAPTER 15 Facing double jeopardy twice over

CHAPTER 16 An Affirmation and a new Pelagian heresy

CHAPTER 17 Reason made the gift of the God of Christianity

CHAPTER 18 Upholding the integrity of hell

CHAPTER 19 An interim Order

CHAPTER 20 The obsequies of hell