Part II – The Fight to Believe – Chapter Headings

PREFACE Part Two: The Pope on Trial – The Fight to Believe © The story so far…

CHAPTER 21 Covert plans made for the greater good of heaven

CHAPTER 22 The hidden meaning in the universal language of art to the rescue

CHAPTER 23 Rebecca surprises James with her relevance

CHAPTER 24 Language distorts meaning for an expert witness on its ambiguity

CHAPTER 25 Epimenides speaking truly

CHAPTER 26 Politically incorrect Art

CHAPTER 27 Terror on the tympanum

CHAPTER 28 The treachery of images

CHAPTER 29 Seeking out a more ethical deity

CHAPTER 30 Rebecca enters the labyrinth in search of a heavenly experience

CHAPTER 31 Images of the imagined real and their representation

CHAPTER 32 The imagined real cannot be separated from the real

CHAPTER 33 Counsel draw up their battle lines

CHAPTER 34 Christianity borrows pagan myth to bring heaven down to earth

CHAPTER 35 A serum of ethical correctness for the virus of original sin

CHAPTER 36 Society expects transparency and good governance of its religions

CHAPTER 37 Covert plans to ensure God’s plan works

CHAPTER 38 The marketing of a saint

CHAPTER 39 A more than embarrassing connection

CHAPTER 40 The ubiquity of paradox in the quest for an infinite

CHAPTER 41 A covert plan implemented

CHAPTER 42 Moving from the temporal to the eternal with Gödel’s ‘six-strange loop’